Monday, October 12, 2015

A Human Cannot be Erased

If we're going to be a civilized society, it is time for us to give equal weight to the personage of both the bio parent and the adoptee. Dumping a child and then never looking back may not necessarily be something that we need to continue to enable just because it benefits agencies financially. "What about in the case of rape?" You might ask. My response is that if you want to bring a child into the world, you need to understand that the child is a person and not an object. The rape is not something that you need to punish the adopted child for, by barring contact. The adoptee does not deserve to pay for the crime of another by never having their questions answered, or having an opportunity for closure. Experiencing trauma does not give you the right to inflict trauma on someone else. Society needs to understand that the needs and personage of the bio-parent are not greater than the needs and personage of the adoptee. We are equal, and we deserve equal rights. Having your original birth certificate is a basic human right.

I'm a human being.

Even if you don't understand that- I understand that...and I'm telling you, I will continue to fight for equal rights until my last breath because society needs to understand this.

It is time for a more civilized solution.

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