Tuesday, May 9, 2017

You Do not HAVE to Do Your Blog....

His hair is shaved down. He's still wolf-like, albeit a little less wicked. Maybe a bit more Twilight where he was once Interview with a Vampire? Still a stud though. Still primal and heat and rough, which makes me melt into a placid little lake of rose petals. I'm not a blushing flower though because I flow in media res, of course.

I'm a woman. On my bad days, I'm more girlish, but at my best I'm all woman and I relish this.

Femininity is power. True, it is a different kind of power than the masculine, but it is power nonetheless.

A power that demands mindfulness of individuality. The kind of power that stalks with desire and tortures with matters of the heart, at times. You see women can be soft enough to make you weep, but brutal too.

My marriage nurtures all of this in me, encourages me to be all that I am. I try and do the same for him. And because there is a safe place to land, my vulnerability blossoms also. In many ways, for me, this is the holiness of matrimony...the sacred feminine.

When we talk about Violet, there is a certain hush in our voices. While I allow myself to be rather indecisive, I expect others not to waste my time. She's given me the unintentional impression that whatever we build could be easily undone by one of her whims and I find that off-putting. There is multi-directional and then there is scattered. There is unsure, and then of course, there is the person who makes no choice because she has little invested in the outcome.

I suppose Violet probably colored outside the lines when she was just a child. So did I...but it was never rebellion for the sake of rebellion. It was never a threat made with the circumspect dull edge of a blade. No, I am very clear and directional. I am as I am, without all the pretense of labeling and the fiddle faddle of Jane Austen protagonists, clattering around like a girlish thing, unsure of how to exist in a world which makes me reliant upon the merit of men. That's not who I am. True feminists are a little harder, I think.

I believe in America. I believe in activism. I believe in protests. I believe in at least trying to do the right thing.

But perhaps Obama was right today when he said that we get the president we deserve.

The undercurrents in this country deserve to drown those who insist there is no tide. So many of us are silent. Conservatism wouldn't be so much of a problem if it wasn't so damned insistent upon forcing its ideals upon those of us who would rather choose another way. Yet,we've come full circle-- back into the arms of the patriarchy. No system is without hierarchy. Yet, as we redesign a system which failed us the first time, I do believe there is a bit of poetic justice here.

Well, those are my thoughts anyway.

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